Tuesday, November 2, 2010

20 Pounds in 60 days

I'm pretty good at dissappearing when I don't want people to know I am failing.
Well, life has been nuts for a few months, and I have failed to the tune of about 15 pounds...as in, I have GAINED 15 pounds. Geeeeeeeeze. On a good note, I am still running, still going to the gym and working out, and still feeling healthy. I just need to stop eating! The goal :20 pounds in 60 days. The reward: A January trip down south with Tim.
Here goes!

I'm going to post this picture of Demi Moore on my fridge and inside my cupboard...and everywhere else I tend to go weak. I need all the motivation I can get. Ohhhh.... to look half as good at my age, as she does at her age...

1 comment:

  1. Pretty sure I will have to buy the boobs though. I don't know of an excercise that gives you those!