Thursday, March 18, 2010

Great...another addiction in the works. Just what I need....

I tend to cringe a wee bit when people use my name and the word 'obsessive' in the same sentence. I think the word has a bit of a bad wrap I guess. Being obsessive CAN afterall, be a really good thing. Like, helping me run marathons. I would never have been able to complete 4 marathons if I were not a tiny bit obsessive about running. I woke up one day, decided I was going to try running and see how it felt. I ran 4 kilometers my first day. A few months later, I ran my first marathon. Thanks to being a bit obsessive! And being obsessive about going to the gym is the ONLY thing that gets me there.
If I decide I am going to do something, I tend to go hard. People have refered to as having 'an addictive personality' because I become addicted to things pretty easy. This I admit to be true. As it relates to food, it is all TOO true.
The past couple years I have been a slave to the 'Facebook'. I am proud to say, i quit the 'Facebook' last week. Just went off it completely. Deactivated my account. Boy does it feel good!!! But leaves me with some free time in front of my computer, and a bunch of thoughts that I can no longer share.
So, yesterday, I decide to start a blog so I can get some of these thoughts off my chest. To get some 'free' therapy. Well, now....I feel the need to 'blog' my every thought! I can't stop. I am still learning and poking around, reading other people's blogs...just trying to figure this world out. But as far as I can tell, nobody is even reading mine! Yet, here I am...typing away and feeling pretty good about doing it. Maybe writing things down is what I needed to be doing all along? Or, maybe...this is my obsession of the week, and next week I will forget about the little blogging thrill I am having this week. We shall see...

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