Friday, March 19, 2010

I consider yesterday a success...

So, after inhaling roughly 5000 calories on Thursday, I have been in a state of 'damage control' ever since. I decided yesterday morning that I was not going to have a normal eating day. I decide that a lot though, and often don't make it. I ended up doing pretty well. I drank my tea in the morning. Went for a 6 kilometer run at lunch time. Had an Isagenix meal replacement bar around 2:00 PM, went to the gym and walked uphill on a steep incline for half hour, and then did a 27minute crossfit class. I even went to the mall after the gym and did not cave in front of the Laura Secord or New York Fries, or even Kernels popcorn! I even had coupons for the popcorn! I DID secretly eat about 6 Dorito's at 10:00 PM when I went down to the kitchen to let the dog out. I wish I hadn't, but I did. I still consider the day a success. I'm not really sure what today will bring. I would like to say I am going to exercise that level of control again, but boy oh boy, weekends are SO hard. My boyfriend is leaving on Sunday morning for about 3 weeks for work. We are going out for dinner on Saturday night. (I have already checked out the menu and know that I am either going to have the 2 lobster tail dinner, or the King Crab legs!!) We are going with friends, so for sure I will drink a bottle of white wine, and have dessert. Again, I have planned to fail as a way to help me cope with the feeling if guilt and disappointment. On Sunday though...oh ya, Sunday is the day. I need 10 pounds off before the marathon, and I so badly want to get back on track and strictly follow the Isagenix health and weight loss program that I follow. I know I feel better when I am on it. I just need to break all the addictions..AGAIN! Train my body and mind to crave the healthy stuff...AGAIN! I need to stop falling off the wagon. Would be a lot easier if I could be hypnotized to believe I don't enjoy fatty and sugary foods. I DID try that once by the way...BUT, it didn't work. I didn't go under.
Yesterday I was reading a woman's blog who had lap band (?) surgery. She said that once she had the band, it seemed that food just stopped controlling her. She stopped craving and over eating. Probably safe to assume they only do that surgery for people in the 'obese' range? I sure would love to stop craving though. Overeating comes with for that to stop as well would be a blessing. BUT, I'm pretty sure I can't walk in to a clinic at 122 pounds and tell them I think I need lap band surgery. Pretty sure my next blog would be from my private room in the crazy bin if I did that. Maybe they have a 'Do It Yourself' lap band surgery kit at the Wal-mart!!?? Worth a look! lol

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  1. If Walmart has a Do It Yourself Lapband Kit, I would face my fear of ending up on the People of Walmart Website to purchase it. Desperate, who?