Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Excuse me Sir, have you seen my wagon?

I knew it was going to be a BAD weekend when I got out of the shower on Saturday morning to find my brand new RayBan sunglasses, mangled on on the floor in my room. Yup, less than 24 hours I owned them. Seems my dog was not as fond of them as I was. Took them right off my nightstand and pretty much ate them. ARG.
On Saturday morning, after mourning the loss of my new glasses, it was time to start making the cakes for the cake raffle at my son's school. I went in to it 100% sure I was going to make the cakes and stay on track. While mixing the batter, I got out my spatula to scrape the edges of the bowl. Some batter got on the back of my hand. In a swift instinctual reflex move, I licked the batter off the back of my hand...and at that moment, it was all over. I was now the star player in a game of 'Eat Eat All You Can' for the rest of the weekend. I had fallen off the wagon, it went speeding into a wall, caught fire, and burned to a crisp. After 6 days without sugar, I made up for lost time. I easily ate an entire cup or more of icing. Dorito's. Pizza. It was non-stop calorie action.
Monday. Ahhh Monday. I would never start over if it were not for Monday's. I did an Isagenix cleanse day on Monday. I did really well. Got through the whole day 100% on program. The evidence of the weekend's sin fest was gone. Phewf. Monday night, my boyfriend called from Los Angeles and told me he was flying me down there for the weekend! OH MAN! Regret is not strong enough a word! WHY oh WHY did I do so bad on the weekend?? Im going to LA! Dangit. So I did real good today again. Plan to be good tomorrow. Then I leave on Thursday morning. I don't imagine it's gonna be salads and apples all weekend in LA...so I guess I will have to start over again next week. Build a new wagon and hop right back on. Maybe this time I will install a built in seat belt and buckle up. Boooo Hooooo.....

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  1. try not to beat yourself up, laurie. you are right, it is totally a knee-jerk reaction to lick the icing. as we all very well know, once you start, it's very hard to stop.
    your awareness is good, and pretty soon i bet you will lick that icing off, savor it and not need to have more.