Saturday, March 20, 2010

Today is already bad, going to get way worse. But tomorrow, I change my life!! blarg....

Tomorrow is once again, the big day. Change these eating habits once and for all. I don't even believe myself when I say that anymore. But I know I have to.

But first, there is today. I woke up this morning thinking about dinner at the Keg tonight. I wish I could sleep the day away so I wouldn't have to wait! Tim left pretty early, so I headed to the kitchen to find something delicious. I pulled several things out but settled on a quasadilla. Yum. (yes, for breakfast!) I rooted around for something more...have to finish that bag of Doritos's before tomorrow. And those two boxes of After Eight's from Christmas. (I can't bear to to throw stuff like that out.)So much to eat before tomorow, so little time. It's starting to stress me out.
Tim bought us a new freezer today. Big stand up freezer to replace the large chest freezer. Tired of finding freezer burnt treasures at the bottom of the chest every few months, only to reminisce about how much it cost as we throw it away. For this reason, I had to clean the chest freezer out, only to find a tub of lonely frozen cookie dough that the lid had broke on. Well, that's no good. Gonna end up being bad. I better make those cookies. And so here I am, sitting in the kitchen playing online poker and blogging while the 7th tray of cookies bakes in the oven.
I've eaten enough cookies at this point where I kinda don't feel good, and don't really want anymore. That doesn't mean I wont have anymore, just that I dont currently want any. They have to be gone before tomorrow, so I have given a plate of them to my neighbor. There are still several dozen. I want to put them in my kids lunches, but if they are in the house there is a good change they will be my trigger to fail tomorrow. Hm, what to do?

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