Tuesday, March 23, 2010

There is only one thing worse than being stuck in a tax seminar all afternoon...

And that's being stuck in a tax seminar with FREE COOKIES AND CHEESE!! Have I mentioned my two favorite foods in the whole world? Well, they are COOKIES and CHEESE! Atleast they were today. It is always the food that is available but I can't have that seems to feel like it's my favorite. Add 'free' and 'endless' to the mix and I am screwed. But seriously, they are top 10 for sure. Especially cheese. I've never met a brie I didn't like.
The good news is, Day 3 is coming to a close and I managed to stay completely on track again today. 3 days in a row. sweeeeeet.
(Staying off cheese is only until I get the 10 pounds off...after that, I am building a cheese fort an eating my way out of it.)

1 comment:

  1. staying on track despite the free and endless food a HUGE accomplishment! Be proud, woman!