Sunday, April 11, 2010

Found the wagon..unfortunately I had to eat my way through a french fry and chocolate mountain to get to it...

I learned something about myself this past couple weeks. When I go off track, I stay as far away from this blog as humanly possible. I have no desire to come on here just to confirm that I have yet to muster up the willpower to pull my sh!t together. When I am feeling 'successful', you can't tear me off this thing., what have I learned from that? I have no idea. But here I am again. Sunday night. Better knows as 'Start Over Monday Eve'. Boyfriend is home, life is back to semi-normal, marathon is creeping here we go again. Shakes, salads and lots of running in my future. BOOOOO! But I have to and I know it. I don't have a nice singing voice, or a glowing personality, so being 300 pounds is simply not an option.

So, the good(ish) news...I went to Los Angeles last weekend! My boyfriend had been working down there for a few weeks. I flew down for Easter weekend to visit him. (I'm not a traveler, so this is a pretty big deal!) What a beautiiful and amazing city. I don't mind the snow, but I hate the cold. The older I get, the less tolerant I am of the crisp and chilly canadian winters. I went for a 2.5 hour run in the town we were staying in called Brea. The smell of citrus, the beautiful and aromatic flowers everywhere, the park with the ginormous ducks, the green lush grasses, the awesomely decorative am I doing in Ottawa? NOT that I don't love it here. I have been here my whole life. I do love it (in August anyway)...but to wake up every single day and know you are going to have a beautiful day ahead. To drive on the freeway and have a beautiful mountain view at every turn. And Virginia Beach...what an amazing and interesting collection of people. Even Hollywood was cool. The foood?! The foood was tooooo good. It felt like everyone in Los Angeles was eating out at every meal. Every restaurant was packed. Every restaurant we went to, was notably delicious. Geeeze...I loved everything about being in L.A. Everything except leaving. I used that weekend as a convenient excuse to eat poorly and excessively. I planned to pull it together as soon as I got home, but that didn't work out.

In other news, I had this IPOD Nano yesterday. It was ok. It used to belong to my son, until it went through the wash a few weeks ago. It still worked though, apart from the backlight. Son got a new Ipod Touch, so I starteed using the Nano. I got to REALLY like it! Like...didnt leave the house without it! But having a backlight would be Tim (BF) and I decide we will simply disasemble the Nano, check for any corroded connections, then reasemble the Nano...good as new! Right? Ya...Uh...NO. I no longer have a NANO. Which sucks. It had my audio books on it, which were great to make 2 or 3 hours of running go by a bit smoother. When I am done here, I need to get on the ebay and get myself a replacement. Blarg.

Ok, I will check in tomorrow for sure for sure. If I don't...ohhhh...that just is not an option!


  1. very interesting that you noticed the relationship between your eating and when you blog.

    i'm sure that cuz you wrote today that you are getting back on track. :) i look forward to reading more about it.

  2. That's the plan! I wish that eating healthy and properly came naturally to me. It seems like so much effort...