Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Monday morning wtf?

Monday morning weigh in.......drum roll please....123.0!
Huh? 123? Seriously? Body...if i may speak to you for a moment. Need I remind you that we ran for over 3 hours and 30 kilometers yesterday? And we ate clean, healthy and low cal for the rest of the day. And 123 is what you give me? This is starting to feel a bit like a battle I can't win!!!
Despite feeling achy and sore, and despite my legs and hips begging me not to, I still went to the gym last night. I walked uphill on steep incline (10 on the treadmill) as fast as I could without falling off, for 32 minutes. Then did a 1 hour MMT (metabolic military training) class. Keeps your heart rate up while you circle around the room doing crazy exercises for short intervals. First time I did this class. It was tough, but I will be going back for sure.
Estimated Calorie burn: 450
Calories In today: 1213 - Isagenix bar for breakfast, salad for lunch, 1/2 Isagenix shake for supper and air popped popcorn

I am very frustrated right now. I am working like crazy, eating very light and very little, and seeing almost no result on the scale. This is making it real hard to keep going....

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