Sunday, April 18, 2010

Saturday Status

Saturday Morning Weigh in: 121.0
Saurday's excercise: zilch. none. notta. none. nothing.
Ate great all day. Was extra careful knowing I had no intention on excercising.
Around 7:00 PM we went to a friends house for a few drinks etc. I didn't 'drink'...just had some tea. My girlfriend, bless her heart, put out a bowl of chips. The bowl emptied and I didn't have even one! Amazing eh?? Ya....then she filled it, and put out cheese and crackers, and pistachios, and more chips, and chocolates, and I dove right in. I ate and I ate and I ate and I ate. While I am putting the food in my mouth, I am hoping nobody is noticing how much I am eating, and I am just shovelling it in. So...what started off as a great day, ended as a really really bad one. I hate that I ate so much, but I had a great time with great friends too. So I don't regret going...I only regret losing control. :(

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