Friday, April 16, 2010

Thursday's Report...

Thursday Morning Weigh in: 123.4 (down .4)
Calories on Thursday: It was an Isagenix cleanse day, so not very many.
Excercise: Ran 5Kilometers and did a crossfit class. During crossfit, I did 7 sets of 10 pushups (real ones, not girl ones!) which is big for me. 7 sets of 15 squats with no weight, 55 dumbell deadlifts(20lbs), 55 Dumbell Presses(12lbs) and 55 squats with weights (12lbs) and 50 sit-ups.
Calorie burn guestimate: 400

The weekend is coming, which gives me a ton of anxiety. We are going to the horse races tonight. There is a buffet there. DILEMA! My boyfriend is in the military. He works out A LOT (I would to if it was part of my work day and I got paid for it!!) Because of that, he can basically eat whatever he wants, whenever he wants. I know he wants to go to the buffet (it is a nice one...big salad bar, prime rib) but if I go there, I am going to overeat and eat badly. No question. I just asked him if we could have a veggie stirfry before we go instead of going to the buffet. I feel bad though...why should he suffer because I am weak and compulsive? Anywho, he has agreed and seems ok with it. He is very supportive no matter what I am doing, but that doesnt make me feel better about him having to lose out on things he wants to do.

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  1. great job eating and at the gym!

    can i offer a suggestion if you don't mind? the buffet... i totally hear you about it being challenging. been there, done that. my therapist told me this and he was so right... by framing it, before you even go there as already knowing you are going to overeat and eat badly, is just setting yourself up for failure. don't let the food have that power over you! it is just food, it does not have magical powers. by framing it in that light, you are giving it magical powers over you. you are so much stronger and more powerful than the silly food.
    ok, off my soapbox of quoting my therapist. :)