Saturday, April 17, 2010

Friday's Report...Stupid Kit Kat

Friday Morning Weigh In: 121.8
Friday exercise: Ran 5KM and fast walked another KM on a steep incline
50 sit ups, 20 push ups, 4 pull ups, lots of ab and arm work
Calories burned guesstimate: 400
Calories in: Around 1150. Isashake, Isalean bar, grapes, shrimp stir fry, half slice of white bread with 1tbsp of peanut butter

It was beef cake day at the gym today so I get a bit intimidated and want nothing more than to leave. 'Beef Cake' is what I call it when I walk in to the gym and see nothing but extremely fit guys with huge muscle lifting huge weight, usually chatting up young fit little blondes. If you listen carefully, you can hear the flirtatious giggling in the background. On these days, I walk in, see a bunch of girls wearing the same LuLu tank top that I I put on a tshirt instead so that nobody thinks to compare me to these far better looking, far younger, far fitter women. I know that's totally gay, but I can't help it. I just want to lay low. It is a smaller type gym (not a chain) so it is usually pretty good. Evenings and Friday noon hours seem to attract all the hotties. I still get my workout in...I just won't do any new things or do anything that makes me look like a wiener compared to everything else in the gym! Ohhhh what I wouldn't give to get rid of the part of my brain that seems to care way too much what other people think.

Came home and cooked a wonderful shrimp and veggie stir fry for my boyfriend and I. It was delicious and SO much food for few calories. We ate and headed to the horse race track. We played the ponies for a few hours. There was a canteen there that made the entire place smell like old dirty cooking oil. There is a lot of lingering time when horse betting. Some people sat down a few seats away from us...they were eating nacho's with cheese sauce. OMG, it took forever. They ate them so slow. It was very very frustrating. I wanted to scream at them to hurry the frig up so that I didn't have to look at them and smell them any more! Later I saw a lady with a Kit Kat bar. She was smiling as she opened it. I know exactly how she is feeling and what she is thinking. It made me feel so frustrated and angry. Why can she have a kitkat and I can't?? How is it that her brain is wired so different than mine that she can guitlessly tear in to that kitkat bar while I sit here so hungry, struggling not to do the same. Why does she appear completely comfortable despite the fact that she is at least 150 pounds overweight? And I have an extra 10 pounds that makes me unbearably depressed. I just don't get it. But in wish is not that I could just eat what I want, weigh any amount, and still be happy. My wish is to NOT WANT that Kitkat. To not feel deprived I can't have it. I want to be healthy. I want good food choices to be natural, and treats to be just that...occasional treats. I want to stop feeling like I need them. I honestly don't feel that I will ever get myself to that point. The pull towards sugar is so strong and such a difficult struggle. It is so frustrating that this is something that I will have to fight forever. I guess when I see that girl happily eating her KitKat...I am just jealous that she is not feeling the same frustration that I am. At the same time, I felt bad for her. I wonder if she is happy with herself. I wonder if she wants to lose the weight, but feels like it is impossible. I want to sit with her and tell her all the reasons not to eat the kitkat. Why she should care about her health and her weight and her heart. I want to tell her that there are so many people that want a kitkat right now too, but they are choosing not to. But maybe...maybe she really just doesn't care. All this stuff going through my head while sitting at the races. I wish I could turn that part of my brain off so bad.

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  1. try to focus on the great parts of your day, laurie. you did great with your eating and at the gym.
    right now perhaps you need to be restrictive to keep from bingeing, but eventually you will get past that and the treats won't be calling to you as much. also, make sure that in the course of your day you eat something that feels like a treat to you, so that you are not deprived. that is VERY important in keeping the binge monster away.