Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Today, I declared war on these last 10 pounds. I whine about them constantly. They irritate me all day long and make me feel crappy. They are horrible to look at. They hang over my jeans. And they cover up the muscle tone that I am working so hard to build. Well NOT ANYMORE! I am getting rid of them. I am doing it by fact, hopefully before the marathon at the end of May. When running 42 kilometers, not having to drag an extra 10 pounds around is pretty handy. So that will be the goal. 10 Pounds by May 29th. Actually, 10.8.

Today's weight: 123.8
Today's calories in: 1240 calories (isagenix shake, watermelon, 1.5 isagenix bars, salmon, tiny boiled potato, cauliflower, asparagus, Isadelight)
Today's exercises burn: approx 400 calories (5.5KM run + 20 min strength training + hockey)

I have tried so hard. So many times. I have gotten a few off here and there, only to spend the weekend playing 'Eat Eat All I Can' and gaining it back plus some. Not this time...I am going to make it. I am going to get them off. I am going to feel better about myself by summer. I am going to be willing to wear a bathing suit at the lake so I can swim with the kids. I am going to be able to look at our summer pictures and not delete every one that I am in. Yup. This is it. Here I go!

Just for fun, here are some things that weigh 10 pounds. I can't wait to 'lose a large cat'! :)


  1. great attitude! that's not a lot of calories, so be careful though, ok?

  2. That's the hardest part. Based on the BMI thing, the calories I am supposed to have per day to 'MAINTAIN' my current weight is between 1200 and 1475. So to lose weight, I have to reduce that. Which sucks. It sure doesn't feel like much food and I am definitely hungry!