Monday, April 12, 2010

Why does being healthy seem like way too much work??

So, I had this thought this morning as I began my, what feels like, extremely tedious routing. Maybe the time it takes each day to put the healthy super things in to my body and to do the exercise, and the healthy cooking, is likely equivalent to or MORE than the time that may (or may not) be added to my life by being healthy!? (I won't even attempt the math to compare the financial cost of being healthy compared to being lazy and unhealthy) 20 minutes of vitamins and greens and healthy stuff and my shake every morning. A minimum of half hour running plus another half hour of working out. (On weekends the half hour of running can be up to 3 hours or more!) Stopping at the store a few times a week and buying fresh veggies so that I can go home and cook a healthy meal. Wow...I can see how the drive thru can be a very tempting option! As soon as I was done feeling sorry for myself, I plugged my nose and drank my fruit/greens health drink thing. I took all my vitamins like a good girl. I made my kids take their vitamins. I drank my chocolate protein shake. I grabbed my green tea and headed out the door. I smiled as I drove to work today. I woke up with options. The hard and healthy route, or the easy and lazy route. I did the right thing today. YAY! It is another 'Start-Over Monday'. So far, so good. :)

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